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Tyler J. French Reel
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Tyler's love of storytelling began at a young age. In his time away from school, he would be found running around and creating elaborate plotlines that take place throughout every room of his family's Flint, Michigan home.


As an adult, that passion for creating original narratives first manifested in the way of making music videos. Through these first experiences on set, Tyler realized immediately that he wanted to be deeply involved in filmmaking. Soon after, he began taking on commercial projects around the world and writing his own internationally-awarded narrative films. 

Tyler brings a unique, cinematic vision to wedding films that explores the connection between music and film with your love at the center.


Wedding Film

Real-life love stories caught on film and cut to music.


Narrative Film

Make-believe dreams brought to the big screen and your iPhone.


Commercial Work

Client videos that are as carefully curated as any other form of art.

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