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Mo & Ty

  facts & figures  

she is a Koala.

he a wolf.

she can twerk.

he double checks things.

she has style.

he is best at solving problems whilst pacing.

her undying love for the Wizarding World is only rivaled by her adoration of children and small


he is rarely seen with shoelaces.

she talks to her mother on the phone everyday.

he is considering getting a perm.

she doesn't stop swinging her arms while she walks just because one of her hands is holding a bag of dog poop.

he will occasionally bust into a terribly improvised song about whatever food he is eating / about to eat.

she still does Never Eat Soggy Waffles. (out of necessity) 

he has a hard time opening perforated, thin plastic bags.

she blows through trash novels on kindle.

he appreciates British humor, and a well-cut lawn.

she heard about Tyler's perm consideration, and wants to get a "couple's perm".

he has a crush on Nicole Kidman.

So does she.

Together, they have the most intense love for Kaya the Basset Hound that could ever be conceivable by the human race.

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